Ammu’s Treasures

Best Global Music Album: “A unique global album for families to sing together…”

Ammu’s Treasures by Grammy-nominated Chandrika Tandon is a global gift of intergenerational love — inspired by hours of constantly singing to her little grandchildren. Ammu, a term of endearment, means happiness and purity — it is what Chandrika’s grandchildren call her.

This album is a treasure trove of songs drawn from many countries, in multiple languages, from French and English, to Greek and Sanskrit. This genre from simple folk songs to lullabies, chants, jazz standards, across collections as timeless repertoire of ancient global wisdom, from Veil chants about finding the light to simple fables of goodness, like the English peddler, Mille of the Dee, from 1776, or magical verses from Alice in Wonderland. It was lovingly created with international musicians expressing their artistry through instruments from around the world, including tabla, flute, American banjo, Brazilian rhythms from piano from Rakesh Chaurasia’s Indian flutes; extraordinary Dave Schroeder’s Mongolian harp, and Romero Lubambo’s special percussion from Jamey Haddad, jazz cyro Baptista and Kenny Werner, and so many more — all mastered to the highest world standards of recording and production.

We have created 36 beautiful lyric videos so families can share this music together. Ammu’s Treasures is a boundless expression of artistry and emotion from 17 maestros — each one is an Ammu with a hug for the world.

Gratitude to Cyro Baptista, Martin Bejerano, Peter Calo, Purbyan Chatterjee, Rakesh Chaurasia, Falaq, Eeku, Eugene Freese, Marcello Gabrielli, Brian Gill, Brittany Haas, Jamey Haddad, Charissa Hoffman, Bobby Keyes, Kevin Kiesch, Paul Kowert, Howard Levy, Romero Lubambo, Tejendra Narayan Majumdar, Marcus Rojas, Dave Schroeder, Keith Underwood, Michael Ward-Bergeman, Kenny Werner, Victor Wooten, and the Czech National Symphony Orchestra, and more for sharing their wonderful music.

Gratitude to Chris Allen, Adam Ayon, Scott Cannizzaro, Josh Druckman, Danny Feingold of Plantoon, Anthony Kakaty, Galileo, Gesh Ian, Raj Jagmin, Kiehl, Kevin Kilian, David Lai, Ross Michaels, Ben Miller, Matthew Stokes, Neil Shaw, Mirek Vana, Power Station at Berklee, Sean Sound, Soundtracks for enhancing the music, sound quality.

Gratitude to Marc Lumer, Bob Spang, and others who helped make 36 beautiful lyric videos, and Clive Jacobson for the exquisite packaging.

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