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GUY KAWASAKI: Chandrika Tandon: Leading the Way in Education and the Arts
Welcome to Remarkable People. We’re on a mission to make you remarkable. ...
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PDX Parent: Holiday Gift Picks
Our digital issue is best viewed in fullscreen (click the icon on ...
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NAPPA: Holiday Gift Guide
At the National Parenting Product Awards, our focus is family and our ...
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The Times of India: Meet one of the Tandons after whom NYU’s engineering school is named
In Indian business circles, Chandrika Krishnamurthy Tandon may not be as well-known ...
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Washington Parent Magazine: Holiday Books
Grammy-nominated global artist Chandrika Tandon’s new album, Ammu’s Treasures, originated as a ...
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India Times: Everything in Chennai is about simplicity, great coffee, music and friends – Chandrika Tandon
Grammy-nominated artiste Chandrika Tandon, who was in Chennai recently, on her love ...
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National Parenting Product Awards: Ammu’s Treasures by Chandrika Tandon
“Ammu’s Treasures is an album for listeners of all ages to treasure. ...
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The Hindu Business Line: Flipping the classroom, the MCC Boyd Tandon B-School way
“Students are a lot more vocal today and clear about what they ...
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Seema: The Grammy-Nominated Artist Leaving a Lasting Impression Through Her Unwavering Commitment to Music, Education, & Humanitarian Efforts
The grammy-nominated artist leaving a lasting impression through her unwavering commitment to ...
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The Hindu: Chandrika Tandon’s latest album Ammu’s Treasures is a hug to the world
Chandrika Krishnamurthy Tandon, the first Indian woman to make partner at the ...
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The Hindu: Seeding a B-School in Chennai and delivering a musical hug to the world
Chandrika Tandon is on a mission to transform academia and spread love, ...
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The Hindu: MCC alumna helps college set up business school
She was one of the first two distinguished alumni to be honoured ...
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TV Asia: Reflections, by Chandrika Tandon
An interview with Chandrika Tandon on TV Asia on the theme of ...
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News Mobile: From Grammy Nominations To McKinsey: Inspiring Story Of Chandrika Krishnamurthy Tandon
Chandrika Krishnamurthy Tandon, a woman of extraordinary talents, has crafted a life ...
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India Today: Chandrika Tandon’s recipe for a life of perfection
From a traditional Chennai home to global boardrooms and a Grammy nomination, ...
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India Today: A Powerful Indian-American You Have Never Heard Of
Chandrika Tandon’s power isn’t about wealth alone, which she has — and ...
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India Today: A Powerful Indian-American You Have Never Heard Of [VIDEO]
Before Sundar Pichai or Satya Nadella, there was Chandrika Krishnamurthy Tandon. A ...
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Kabir Sehgal: Edition #53 – Chandrika Tandon answers 7 questions
Music is what I am and everything else is what I do. ...
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The Hindu Business Line: Seeding a B-School in Chennai and delivering a musical hug to the world
“I want people to open their hearts. You can be in the ...
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The American Bazar: Chandrika Tandon on her latest album ‘Ammu’s Treasures’: Ammu means ‘happiness’, ‘purity,’ and ‘joy’
Grammy-nominated artist Chandrika Tandon released her latest album, “Ammu’s Treasures, on September ...
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Times Now World: Chandrika Krishnamurthy Tandon – A Maestro in Music, Business, and Education
Chandrika’s incredible journey began with a hunger strike in 1969, defying her ...
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Wort FM: A Musical Hug To The World
Hejira world music show host Jeff Spitzer-Resnick recently had the opportunity to ...
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The Akademia: Ammu’s Treasures Awarded Winner in the Category of Children’s Music Album
Chandrika Tandon is officially invited to participate in the 2024 Akademia Gala ...
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Ammu’s Treasures
Best Global Music Album: “A unique global album for families to sing ...
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