The American Bazar: Chandrika Tandon on her latest album ‘Ammu’s Treasures’: Ammu means ‘happiness’, ‘purity,’ and ‘joy’

Grammy-nominated artist Chandrika Tandon released her latest album, “Ammu’s Treasures, on September 7. In a freewheeling interview with award-winning journalist Aziz Haniffa, the musician talks about the album and her recent performance at the World Cultural Festival in Washington, DC, among other topics.

Produced by Tandon with a stellar group of musical friends, the album offering what would become a boundary-breaking omnibus of 35 songs and 21 chants, defying traditional norms was recorded in September 2021, in the serene beauty of western Massachusetts. Released by Soul Chants Music and distributed by Platoon, “Ammu’s Treasures” is available on Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, and YouTube, and at

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